IntesaSanpaolo Eurodesk S.p.r.l.
Square de Meeus 35
1000 Bruxelles

Partner description

IntesaSanpaolo Eurodesk S.p.r.l. (ISPE) is a private company established in Belgium, fully owned by Intesa Sanpaolo Group, the leading banking group in Italy, with 6,518 branches serving about 11.4 million customers and a market capitalisation of 24.2 billion €. Intesa Sanpaolo has a strong international presence focused on Central-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean basin via more than 1900 branches serving about 8.4 million commercial and retail customers. ISPE is a special purpose vehicle with the mission of providing companies with a wide range of tailored services on the contents and the working of the EU Programmes and policies in the R&D field, with a focus on the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. Based in Brussels, with a liaison office in Milan, IntesaSanpaolo Eurodesk offers institutional consultancy in building contacts with EU Institutions, in structuring European partnerships and in monitoring business opportunities stemming from EU Programmes. By working with ISPE, companies can also take advantage of the large range of banking and financial services offered by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group to support their R&D activities such as:

  • Atlante Ventures Fund: since 2008 this new VC fund has supported high-potential SMEs that have already launched a product on the market or that are close to the commercialization phase.
  • Merchant Banking Division: ISPE is also active in the private equity field, having invested up to now an amount of about 2 billion Euro in mid and large Italian companies (Novamont, Esaot, Sigma Tau, Genextra, Alcotel ICT).
  • Mediocredito Italiano (Nova+): Group company specially devoted to financing for SMEs, has recently launched Nova+, a medium-long term loan issued to R&D investment projects.

ISPE has 5 years experience in mapping at EU level appropriate funding sources for business ideas and in providing companies with institutional and technical consultancy in accessing EU grants. Thanks to its close relationship with different Departments of Intesa Sanpaolo ISPE can also take advantage of a huge banking expertise in understanding and analysing companies’ financing needs and in creating profitable financial solutions.

In order to strengthen its relationship with the scientific community and to actively contribute to the elaboration of a new business model able to facilitate the interaction between scientists, entrepreneurs and investment professionals, Intesa Sanpaolo funded (together with University of Milan and Fondazione Cariplo) the set up of Fondazione Filarete.

Role in the project

  • Participation in WP10.
  • Main Roles: Financial synthesis, business model and definition of sociopolitical requirements. The financial experience and background of ISPE will be of particular value for the industrial partners, concerning the evaluation of the commercial potential of the proposed technical and integration of accounting system approach. ISPE will also contribute in exploitation activities.

Key personnel

Alessandra Perrazzelli (Lawyer – LLM degree in Corporate Law) is the CEO of IntesaSanpaolo Eurodesk and the Head of International Affairs at Intesa Sanpaolo. Based both in Brussels and Milan for the last 17 years, Ms Perrazzelli works with the European Institutions on the application of EU banking and financial services law to the internal market. She is also responsible for the coordination of all antitrust matters at national and international level. Previously, Ms Perrazzelli was a partner in the Brussels-based firm O’Connor and Company, where she was responsible for the telecom, postal and public utilities practices.


Valentina Tecce (Master degree in European Studies) coordinates the Brussels team and handles the relationships with the EU Institutions, monitoring the development of R&D policies relevant to client companies.


Paola Laiolo (Master degree in Business Administration) manages the relationships with companies, by analyzing their project ideas and supporting them in the identification of available grant opportunities existing at EU level. She also works transversally with different Departments of Intesa Sanpaolo Group on projects aimed at increasing the banking support to companies investing in R&D and technological innovation.